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Since the 1980s, our mission at the Florida West Coast Employee Benefits Council provides an educational and networking forum for employee benefits professionals in the Tampa Bay area. Through dinner meetings with scheduled speakers and annual educational workshops, we take in timely information on a variety of employee benefits matters and experience the evening together sharing thoughts, all the while in good company with our colleagues.

The purpose of the council is to advance the knowledge of our colleagues by exchanging practical application of new legislation, case studies, and compliance for procedures and practices relating to all levels of benefits management.

Topics include: Healthcare and COBRA Law, Employee, Pre-65 Retiree Medical, Medicare-eligible, Healthcare cost initiatives, Wellness Tools and Plan designs, Administrative Best Practices, Disability Management, FMLA and ADA Legislation, Personal Finance Matters, Retirement Education, Defined Benefits Plan, Defined Contribution Plans

Our Council is operated by its membership on a volunteer basis with all dues used to fund dinner meetings and educational programs. The Council exists as a non-profit open forum for the education of its members.1

1. The Council is a tax-exempt entity organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for educational purposes. In that regard, the use of the Council membership roster or members’ list in any form for advertising to members or solicitation of business is strictly prohibited. Any such conduct may result in the suspension or revocation of membership.